In this journey called life, we are faced with many mountains that we must climb and many valleys that we must walk through. Sometimes it may feel like you are walking alone and that the task in front of you is too hard to face, let alone conquer. We are here to let you know, that you DO NOT have to face lifes giants alone, anymore. Here at THE CROSS CHURCH, you will find a true family that will help you through life's most difficult times. We will worship together, Pray together, love and laugh together, and TOGETHER we will grow closer and have a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. We are part of the United Pentecostal Church.



To Evangelize, Empower, Equip and Engage with the five fold ministry. To see souls saved with the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.


If you need a ride with our transportation ministry, please fill out the information below and a member of our team will contact you!

Children in School Bus

Our First Family

Pastor David Bounds and his wife Joan started their ministry in 2002 in Glen Ferris, WV.  In Pastor Bounds first year of Ministry he taught over 54 Bible studies. He became an ordained minister through the United Pentecostal Church. 

Pastor Bounds has a heart for lost souls and global missions. He has served on several mission trips.

He started a prison ministry in Parkersburg where he has taught hundreds of prisoners, many of which became followers of Christ and are not members of our church. 

Our First Lady Joan Bounds, serves our church in many areas. She leads our ladies in a true example of Godliness.

Pastor David and wife Joan have four children Sasha, Shay, Theron, and Sadie who also serve in ministry.


Our Assistant Pastor

Meet our Assistant Pastor Justin and wife Janifer Stukey.  Justin and Jan came from a life of addiction. Justin served many years in prison. Their lives were forever changed when Justin encountered our Pastor David Bounds in the church parking lot one day. Justin and Jan began visiting the Cross Church in January 2017. They surrendered their lives to God, and first began serving in outreach. They teach Bible studies and Drug Addiction recovery. 

They now serve as our Assistant Pastor and second lady. Justin and Jan have four children combined, Kacie, Elijah, Olivia, and their newest little miracle Lincoln.